A fruit stand sells mangoes for $3.49 per pound, papayas for $1.40 per pound, and coconuts for $1.24 per pound. Part A Which expression represents the total price of m pounds of mangoes, p pounds of papayas, and c pounds of coconuts? A.6.13mpc B. 6.13(m + p + c) C. 3.49m + 1.40p + 1.24c D.3.49p + 1.40p + 1.24p Part B What is the total cost of 3 pounds of mangoes, 4 pounds of papayas, and 6 pounds of coconuts? A. $6.13 B. $23.51 C. $61.30 D. $79.69

Accepted Solution

Part A is C. because it is $3.49 per mango, so it is $3.49m, and $1.40 per papaya, so that is $1.40p, and $1.24 per coconut, so that is $1.24c. You add those up and the expression would be 3.49m + 1.40p + 1.24c.Part B is B.Because 3 times 3.49 is 10.47, which is the cost for the mangoes. And 1.4 times 4 is 5.6, which is the cost for the papayas. And 6 times 1.24 is 7.44, which is the cost of the coconuts. Add 10.47, 5.6, and 7.44 and you get 23.51 which is the answer.