An advertising company is designing a new logo that consist of a shaded triangle inside a parallelogram.What is the area in square units of parallelogram ABCD?

Accepted Solution

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We are given the key : 
|__| = One square unit

Part A.
Counting the units for the parallelogram, we can find
Height = 6 units
Base = 4 units

The area formula of a parallelogram is: ( Apply the formula )
Area = base × height
         = 4  ×  6
         = 24 units²

Part B.
We can see that a triangle is shaded inside of the parallelogram
Counting the units for the triangle, we can find
Height = 4 units
Base = 4 units

We know the area formula of a triangle: ( Apply the formula )
Area = [tex] \frac{1}{2}(height)(base) [/tex]
         = [tex] \frac{1}{2} (4)(4)[/tex]
         = 8 units²

What fraction of the parallelogram is shaded?
= Area of triangle ÷ Area of parallelogram
= [tex] \frac{8}{24} [/tex]
= [tex] \frac{1}{3} [/tex]

Your answer will be option D