Jeanie sells M&Ms out of her giant bag at 4 for 5 cents. The machine at the store sells you 9 for 25 cents. Which is the better deal for you? Show your work. Justify your answers in the space belowTom sells baseball cards at 10 for 35 cents. Is that a better deal than 12 for 40 cents? Prove your thinking.The hardware store sells sparklers for the 4th of July. They charge 19 cents a piece. The fireworks stand charges 85 cents for four. Which is the better deal? How can you tell?Frosted flakes has 11 grams of sugar in each 1 ounce serving. Raisin Bran has 13 grams of sugar in each 1.4 ounce serving. Which one has less sugar from an ounce of cereal? How can you tell for sure? Prove your answer.

Accepted Solution

Okay for problem 1 heres my explanation
So if you can get 4 bags for 5 cents so I multiplied 5 by 5 to get 25 cents and multiplied 4 by 5 and got 20 for 25 cents but the machine sells you 9 for 25 cents so if you get the m&ms from Jeanie you'll get more for your money if you get it from jeanie
Now problem 2
Now if tom sells 10 cards for 35 cents so theres a 5 cent difference for 2 more cards now 3 cents will be the most likley for the price for one of toms cards and toms price should have been 33 cents so your only being robbed of 2 cents not a big amount but we'll still look at the other guy 12 cards for 40 cents now if we look at how much toms cards will be if you bought 12 is only 39 cents 1 cent less than the other guy so in conclusion if you buy from Tom you get the better buy
Now problem 3
simple mutipily 19x4 and 76 cents the guys at the firework stands charge 85 for four so if you go to the hardware store and buy your fireworks there you get a better deal.
okay so im running out of time so someone else is gonna answer the last problem... sorry m8