Vanessa uses the expression (3x^2+5x+10) and (x^2-3x-1) to represent the length and width of her patio. Which expression represents the area (Iw) of Vanessa's patio?

Accepted Solution

Since you know the length and the width of Vanessa's patio, (3x^2+5x+10) and 
(x^2-3x-1), to find the expression that represents its area you would multiply the length and width. This would be represented by this expression:

When you multiply the two expressions, you must distribute each term to one another. This would look like this:

When simplified, you should get:

Then, combine your like terms:

Your final answer would be that the expression representing the area of Vanessa's patio is 3x^4-4x^3-8x^2-35x-10